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Swingsanity™ develops hitting  fundamentals that build unbreakable self-confidence in hitters.

" We don't build swings; We build unbreakable self-confidence in hitters"

Ron Calloway - Founder of SWINGSANITY™

About The Founder

Ron Calloway, M.Ed., is the founder of Swingsanity™ and creator of The Cycle™, a three  pronged approach for attacking at bats with confidence. Ron is a former Major Leaguer and current middle school teacher with a deep passion to help young people gain confidence, develop skills and acquire knowledge that will help them become terrific hitters and succeed in all areas of life. Prior to launching Swingsanity, Ron spent 11 years playing professional baseball after being selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 8th round of the 1997 Major League Baseball draft. His career climaxed in 2003 through 2004 when he appeared in 172 Major League games as a member of the Montreal Expos. He retired from professional baseball in 2007, ending his career having played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Montreal Expos, New York Mets, Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies organizations.

Following his retirement, Ron earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and a Master of Arts degree in Education specializing in Early Childhood education. He also spent 4 seasons as an assistant  baseball coach at Cañada College and San Francisco State University.

Ron Calloway

What You’ll Learn

The Cycle™ is built on three pillars: 1. Mindset 2. Mental approach 3. Mechanics.

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The Cycle™ asks you to learn things that you may not have previously been taught, and approaching these things with anything less than a growth mindset would be pointless. It is critical that we establish a set of attitudes needed for success, and we will routinely reaffirm and build on these attitudes throughout the program.

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Mental Approach

We define mental approach as the way you process and deal with every situation. In short, your mental approach  is your strategy. It is critical that you have a clear and correct plan of  action every time you step in the batters box. If you lack clarity, you will never be as confident as you should be. 

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We don’t assume anything at Swingsanity. We teach the fundamentals of the swing from the beginning to the end. In the end, you will know exactly what to think and do in the on deck circle and in the batters box. All confusion will be eliminated.

Start with the Basics

It is important to know that all Swingsanity™ members start at the same exact spot of the program. We need to teach everything we expect you to know, regardless of how basic or fundamental it may be. But I will tell you this, the first lesson is as basic as it gets, but it’s something that I never considered during my playing career, and I played in the big leagues! We can’t afford to assume anything. 

Come with us on this journey and you will uncover countless things you have never considered as well.

Our Mentorship Program Builds:


Developing knowledge and understanding is the fastest way to build self-confidence in hitters. Put simply, the more you understand about the process of hitting, the more confident you will be while you are hitting. And make no mistake about it, hitting is all about who believes in themselves the most.


We define resilience as the ability to recovery quickly from difficulties. There’s no doubt that you will run in to difficulty over the course of a season. The question is: do you have the knowledge and understanding necessary to adapt and adjust? The more you feel like you have the answers, the more resilient you will be.


At the end of the day, you will have to be able to set your approach for each at-bat, adjust that approach during the at-bat, and make any necessary changes between at-bats. You are going to have to be able to do those things quickly and without the help of a coach.

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Private Lessons

The Cycle

$65/30 min
  • Learn the mechanics of hitting.
  • Learn the mental approach to hitting.
  • Develop a strong mindset
  • Learn to create better strategies
  • Understand how to execute your plan
  • Become confident, resilient, and independent
Team Workouts

Group Training

$30 per player
  • Get over 150 reps in an hour
  • 1 hour workout consisting of 5 stations.
  • 3 highly qualified coaches at each stations.

Member Testimonials

Here’s what a few of swingsanity’s™ members say about their experience. 

I’ve been with Ron for about a year. Ron isn’t just some other hitting coach who taught me mechanics, he instead taught the mental side of hitting. Along with learning the mental side of hitting, he has taught me the mental side of my life. Ron changed my entire life and I know he’ll change yours too if you’re really open to learning.


College Player '26

My experience with Ron has taught me so much more than I expected. Not only was I taught mechanics but I was taught the mental part of baseball. The information that I’ve gotten from him has made me more successful and confident during the physical part and especially the mental part of the game.


College Player '27

Coach Ron is a coach in the truest sense of the word. His knowledge of the game of baseball and specifically of hitting is without challenge. But it is his willingness or better yet, desire to share that knowledge and experience. He not only teaches the mechanics of hitting, that is the easy part, but he challenges all his students to understand and excel at the mental preparation it takes to be a good hitter. In this challenge, he allows each athlete to find their own confidence and then he helps each individual grow within themselves. My son has been the benefactor of such growth. We need more Coaches like Coach Ron.

Dan Ghiorso