I Love Teaching

There’s no retirement date for me. I am going to do this untill I die. It’s who I am.

A Few Words about Me

I am a public speaker, hitting consultant, and credentialed teacher who values service and mentorship. As a former Major League outfielder, I bring unique perspectives gained from my playing experience that empowers you to unleash your untapped potential. Using common baseball scenarios, I shed light on how transforming your mental approach can positively impact your production.

What Recommends Me?

Enthusiasm for Helping People

I want my legacy to be about how many people I helped. For me, it’s not about the knowledge I have about hitting and baseball; It’s about how much of that information I can share with others. 

Teaching skills

I pride myself on being a  detailed teacher. If ALL swingsanity™ members can’t teach the program material to a 7-year-old, then I’m not teaching it well enough. 

Subject Expertise

I have been to the Major Leagues, know all the potholes on the road to getting there, and know what it takes to be a successful hitter. I have played and coached at the highest levels the game has to offer. My whole life has been dedicated to finding better ways to play the game of baseball.

Understand who I am as a person

My parents could not afford hitting lessons when I was a kid. We (my brothers and sisters) had to learn everything the hard way. I was always an Allstar in little league, but somewhere around age 13 I lost confidence in my ability and no longer wanted to play the game. My freshman, sophomore and junior years of high school I didn’t even tryout for the team. I always felt like my knowledge of the game was still at the little league level, and the guys I was competing against had access to higher-level coaching and knew more about the game than I did. I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself so I just didn’t tryout…self-sabotage at it’s finest. Thank God I mustered up enough courage to tryout my Senior year,  and the rest is history. 

It has always been my dream to give access to those who normally would never have a chance to work with a former Major Leaguer, college coach and credentialed teacher. I realize how powerful those kind of experience can be in terms of building self-confidence. So, in short, I developed SWINGSANITY ™ to help knock down the same walls that kept me from receiving high-level coaching more than 30 years ago! 

“Talent alone is not good enough in our sport. You have to have access to people with the information you need to unlock your ability. ” ~ Ron Calloway, Founder and Operator of SWINGSANITY™

Being a Teacher Is Who I Am

People always say to me, “Those kids are lucky to have you,” but I’m the lucky one. Working with young hitters day in and day out, year after year, I get to meet and become a large part of their lives. I get to be a part of molding them into young adults and helping them prepare for the world. I challenge them and encourage them as if they are my own.

I love my job because I am privileged to be a part of someone’s life story, the story of who they are and how they come to be their future self. It is pure joy to see one of my mentee’s become more than they ever imagined.

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